Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Gann

Just before sunrise an Otter emerged from the lagoon onto the small island halfway along Pickleridge & went about it`s  toilet before sliding back into the water on the blind side, it submerged & vanished. It reappeared 5 mins later further up near the grass spit where my camera eventually decided it was light enough to operate & produced this picture.
Birdwise everything was in silhouette, as I left 39 Brent flew in & several hundred BH Gulls were flying off into the surrounding fields.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Red Kites

just a point of interest, walking through Trafalgar road today at dusk, saw 3 Red Kites heading (I presume the ones mentioned previously from Cuckoo Mill Turkey Farm) south through Haverfordwest, presumably to roost?

Lapwings and a pale buzzard

There was a flock of c150 lapwings about a mile out of St Davids on the Fishguard Road this afternoon and an exceptionally pale buzzard on a post a couple of miles further up the road.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Westfield Pill -- Whinchat !!

Not much here today a single Greenshank by the gull roost. But a unusual sighting I believe for here, was a Whinchat, just past the inland lake on the left and before the second island on you right heading towards Rosemarket
(Mike Jones)

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Quick look at the Gann before work today: Had a good look at the Wigeon which were up to 86, (36 on foreshore and c50 by Crabhall).  c75 Teal. 16 Grey plover, 9 Turnstone, 4 Bar-tailed godwit, 4 Redshank, 2 Knot, a Greenshank and a Black-tailed godwit. 3 Goldeneye, a single Little grebe and the Merganser. c500 large gulls bathing mostly Herring gull and LBB, just a single Common gull.

Pembroke Mill Pond / Bosherston Lilly Ponds

Out and about today, Pintail and a Kingfisher at the Mill Pond.
30 Goosander, 12 Gadwall, 2 male and 3 female Goldeneye, about 20 Tufted Duck and a Kingfisher all at the Lilly Ponds
(M Jones and M Fair)

Masked Wagtail

Yes the masked Wagtail still showing well in Camrose village at midday. Brightened up a dull day on our return from South Africa.

Masked Wagtail

Still there today (per Birdguides).  To reiterate Richard's comments from Sunday evening, as the number of visiting birders has naturally dropped, the parking field is now NOT in use so please park sensibly in the village and respect the privacy of residents.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Masked Wagtail - Camrose

Monday update. A dull grey morning in Camrose but the Masked Wagtail showed well for us and just a handful of other twitchers. It gave a few calls from the last garden on the right opposite Croft Villas then flew up in to a tree and started singing sweetly very soon after we arrived mid morning.
It then flew down onto the road and started feeding along the leafy edge, just moving out of the way in time with each passing car.

(Photo - Dyfed James)

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Masked Wagtail - Camrose

Another exciting day for the residents of Camrose, who are continuing to enjoy the company of visiting birders to see the Masked Wagtail. I guess another 100 birders have visited today and we presume that the numbers visiting will now drop.
The field that Roger Mathias kindly opened is now closed, so please park carefully in the village. See posts below for further information.

A big thank you to all who have visited. We have received nothing but positive feedback and an interest in "twitching".  So much so... I have been asked if I would give a talk in the Village Hall discussing the visit of the Wagtail, and the culture of "twitching" which has been introduced to many residents of Camrose !!

The Teifi over the weekend

Still some good numbers on the Teifi, c30000 Starlings came into the reedbed on the Reserve to roost this evening. A Common Buzzard and a Peregrine - which flew off with a captured Magpie were the only raptors. The Magpie roost is usually near the Osprey nest platform and can number 30-50 birds.
Teal included 148 at Creek Hide and c450 Wigeon are around the estuary.  8 Goosander and 6 Goldeneye  are on the river above Priory Bridge. A Great-crested Grebe in the bay was unusual, the  3 Little Grebes more typical.
Waders today included c60 Dunlin, 1 Greenshank. 2 Grey Plover, a few Ringed Plover and at least 1 Bar-tailed Godwit.

Poppit Sands early morning Wendy J
Plenty of winter thrushes around and Mistle Thrushes seen at 4 locations around the Teifi today. Goldcrests are still widespread but the only Warbler, a Cetti's singing yesterday.
Mid morning a large Gull flock was feeding off Cemaes Head just inside the bay. c500 small Gulls, a mix of Black-headed, Kittiwakes and Common Gulls were presumably feeding on Whitebait or something near the surface. Interestingly the large gulls were not interested !
(sev obs)

Hen Harriers and Starlings - Plumstone

A splendid sight at dusk of 4 Hen Harriers including 3 adult males hunting together until the light had almost gone.When i arrived a Red Kite and Kestrel were also hunting in front of the rocks. The Starling roost was magnificent with thousands of birds murmurating over the conifer plantation being harried by 5 Buzzards. Certainly worth the cycle from Haverfordwest and braving the freezing cold temperatures.

A few bits and pieces in the south of the county

A Merlin was hunting the fields either side of the road to Stack Rocks this morning, causing some anxiety to the Golden Plovers, Fieldfares and Redwings also feeding in the area.  Also, the Swallow and Black Redstart were still to be found around the buildings at Stackpole Centre this morning, where the Swallow was seen to flutter low above the roof and pick insects from the lichen - perhaps picking up some tips from the Pied Wagtail nearby...

The Gann

There's been a lone duck Wigeon around for few days now usually on the sea away from the main flock, this morning it was on the pool & with Brian's comments yesterday about an American bird there I had a closer look at it. Not knowing if the Birdguides entry was m or f  nor having seen either before, I was aware that what I was looking at could be influenced by a certain amount of anticipation,  the sun wasn't quite up so light wasn't too good but it  appeared to lack that rufous head that duck Wigeon have & did the area around its eyes look darker(?) When it flew briefly was there more white on the inner underwing(?) All in all rather inconclusive, I will get back later & have another look in better light  - if anyone is there in the meantime I would value a second  opinion!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Masked Wagtail

It was great to get to Camrose and catch up with an old friend for an hour and also see the masked wagtail what an amazeing bird and very tame .

Bits and pieces

A strikingly dark brute of a 3rd winter 'northern' Herring Gull (L.a.argentatus) was in Lower Town Harbour in Fishguard today, along with two Dippers, one of which was singing and seemed to be feeding exclusively on small fish.  Also, there were at least two Jackdaws showing the characters of the Nordic race feeding on the grass verge opposite the entrance to County Hall in Haverfordwest.

Report online of American wigeon, The Gann

There's a report on Bird News Extra of an American wigeon seen at the Gann on Friday. There were c75 birds there today, wish I'd given them a better look now!

Masked Wagtail & Plumstone

Called in to Camrose on my way to Plumstone mid afternoon and had excellent views of the Masked Wagtail in and around Croft Villas and the houses opposite, regularly in the road itself.  At Plumstone tens of thousands of Starlings being buzzed by up to 2 Peregrines & 6 Buzzards, 1 or 2 Merlin whizzed North and 3 Hen Harriers were seen to come into roost (a grey male & 2 ringtails).

Masked Wagtail - midday Saturday update.

The Masked Wagtail has been showing well this morning and the residents that I have contacted are still delighted with visiting birders ! We estimate that there have been less than 100 birders in Camrose during the morning.
For local directions, parking and other details see posts below.

Camrose Wagtail

The bird is again showing well today, and the village was far from inundated with birders. Thanks to all who came to see it for their courtesy and friendliness. Any local birders who know me and are visiting to get a sighting please call round at number 5 and say hello!

Hen harrier, Lapland buntings, Marloes and Yellow-legged gull, Gann

Plenty of Lapwings c200 nr Ratford bridge and 100+ Trehill fields, Marloes. Ringtail hen harrier working the fields from Marloes mere to Martins Haven, putting up 100s of Skylarks, Chaffinch and Linnet, and a dozen Snipe. Lots of birds in the stubble fields and ploughed former potato field at SM767087. Scanning the skylarks and chaffinch with the scope I managed to pick out 2 Lapland buntings. Birds moving between fields all the time so worth a look to see what else is there.

Gann: Pools still frozen in places. Yellow-legged gull, 75 Wigeon, 20 Teal, Merganser, 2 Little grebes in bay, 5 on ice-free section of pools, 2 Goldeneye, 4 Brent, 6 Bar-tailed and single Black-tailed godwit.

Castlemartin Corse

Quick circuit of the Corse this morning - well-marked female marsh harrier hunting over the reedbed. Not much else - water levels which have been fluctuating are low agan. Lapwing flock....

Plumstone, Brawdy, Newgale

Not much about at Plumstone, 2 Red Kite, on the road to Brawdy, a male Hen Harrier, sparrowhawk and Buzzard.
Brawdy saw a Peregrine, pursuing a common gull relentlessly until out of view! At Newgale, the teal (16)are now on the campsite puddle, only 1 meadow pipit present. Cuckoo Mill Farm now has 6 Red Kite present. Another winter raptor day.


Not rare I know but nice to see a lone Sanderling amongst a group of four Oystercatchers on Newgale beach, Wednesday 30th Nov, around midday.
(Merv Hopkins)